La Rueda Restaurant & Wine Bar

Avenida Córdoba, 28, Centro

Puerto Iguazú


+54 3757422531


One of the most traditional houses in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, La Rueda Restaurant 1975 features a menu that combines a wide variety of dishes with exotic products from the region and based on international cuisine. La Rueda specializes in fish from the rivers of the region – surubi, douru and pacu -, based on the old recipes from Italy and the typical Argentinean cuisine, with premium roasts made with fire and high heat.

To accompany, La Rueda is proud to present one of the most complete wine charts in the region. In its subterranean wine cellar, hundreds of labels and varieties of the best wines of the most renowned wineries.

Considered one of the icons of the cuisine of Destino Iguaçu, La Rueda was inaugurated in 1975 and has remained for four decades its service with the essence and warmth of the family tradition.

La Rueda 1975: name given to the restaurant after the owners receive as a gift a wagon wheel from the Bauza family.