El Quincho del Tio Querido

Avenida Peron Y Caraguatá, 3370, Centro

Puerto Iguazú

+00 5403757420 151


The El Quincho del Tio Querido restaurant in Puerto Iguazú offers the most varied cuts of Argentine grilled meats, Argentine barbecue, grilled fish and several options of hot dishes, pastas, salads and desserts. Specializing in typical Argentine cuisine, the restaurant offers a selection of gourmet dishes, accompanied by a complete wine list. El Quincho has a winery with approximately 180 labels from the most prestigious wineries in Argentina.

As a capacity to serve more than 400 people, El Quincho serves families, business groups, tourism agencies and events. During dinner, the atmosphere alternates the nights with live music, show of violeiros and presentation of tango.