From mystical and spiritual to adrenaline and nature, including SPAs that provide moments of well-being and health


Some of the reasons we travel is to relax, to rest and to recharge our batteries. Destination Iguassu is one of the destinations that has as characteristics the nature, the green, the water and the energies coming from these sources. Once in Foz do Iguassu, here are seven suggestions of attractions, activities and experiences to begin 2020 with the best energy.

Iguassu Falls

The spectacle of over 200 falls along more than five kilometers of falling water surrounding the visitor from all sides is an experience difficult to express in words. Regardless of the visitor's religion or worldview, everyone agrees that the Falls are surrounded by good energy. For many people, the place is an Earth Chakra, that is, it is a vortex of energies. The same choppy waters that provide feeling the intrinsic energies of nature ensure a pollution-free space with plenty of negative ions in the air. Negative ions are very “positive” for health and well-being.


Budhist Temple

The Ten Chien Buddhist Temple of Foz do Iguaçu occupies a privileged place on the list of places to breathe peace and tranquility. There are dozens of statues distributed in a green, quiet and harmonious area, suitable for meditation and contemplation. A temple tour allows one to understand the hierarchy of Buddhist vision on the path to enlightenment. There are statues of Buddhas, bodhisattvas, arahats and protective deities. Just pick a shadow, sit down and silence the mind.

Templo Budista de Foz do Iguaçu


It is a tour for those who want to have contact with the Iguassu River. The experience Aguaray includes a walk towards the Tamanduá waterfall, where, after a while, to harmonize with the view and peace of the waterfall, the group embarks on kayaks or stand up paddle boards to paddle the Iguassu River. Contact with nature and physical activity is the secret of peace and tranquility.

cachoeiras de Foz do Iguaçu

Forest Experience and Backstage

The Bird Park offers two opportunities to relax and renew energies through experiences. Backstage is an opportunity to follow the backstage of the park in its daily work of caring the animals. For those who like animals, the experience is reassuring. The second opportunity is the “Forest Experience” night tour, which promotes the meeting of tourists and Guarani Indians from the Yriapu Village, on the Argentine side. It is a meeting where they talk about the mbyá themselves, and include music, dance and ritualistic food. The source of tranquility here is the shamanic environment born of the land of the original inhabitants.

Experiência com a cultura indígena da região

Macuco Safari

The experience of the Macuco ride, despite being rich in adrenaline, enters the list of relaxing activities in the category “unloading” and “soul washing”. With a light soul, with broad smiles on their faces, most of those who had the experience could do it all again. The canyon's strong rapids are the way for boats to get close to some of the great falls. There is no guarantee that participants will not finish the ride wet. The team offers bags to protect documents and gadgets.

Macuco safari


Offered by the same company that operates the Macuco Safari, the float on rowing rubber boats downstream is also very rich in adrenaline release. The difference is that everyone paddles, under the command of a paddling captain who manages the stroke with the techniques of downstream rapids. The end of the row may contain scenes of people playing in the river.

Hotels and Spas

In recent years, Foz do Iguaçu hotels have invested in spas to broaden their clientele in the area of wellness and health, including varied massages such as relaxing zen shiatsu, with heated stones, with Chinese or Indian pinda (handmade packages containing herbs, essences and sea salt), with bamboo, hot candles (candles made with ingredients that melt at low temperatures – unlike paraffin) among others. Hotels with spas include the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, the Recanto, the Vivaz, the Bourbon Cataratas, the Mabu and the San Martin. In the city center there is also the Nadai Confort. Each hotel has its own identity of treatments offered. Worth knowing!

Momento relax no spa

A 2020 with the best energies of Destination Iguassu!