The tri-national region has pleasant weather most of the year, but it also has its extremes: winter at 5 degrees celsius and summer with a thermal sensation of 40 degrees. In general, it is a place with good humidity levels. Only in August and September the climate is drier. Rainfall is sparse, but even if rain is expected when you come, Destination Iguassu is a good location, as the rain will not disturb you and you can go on your tours without major problems.

Seasons Summary
Spring - Start: September 23rd. Average temperature from 17 to 30 degrees Celsius. Little rain.
Summer - Start: December 22nd. Average temperature from 25 to 38 degrees Celsius. Sparse rain.
Autumn - Start: March 20th. Average temperature from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Sparse rain. Normally, by the end of May, temperatures start to fall.
Winter - Start: June 21st. Average temperature from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. Little rain. Normally, from August onwards, temperatures start to rise.

Reminders for your perfect trip

  1. When you go to the Falls, for both the trail and the boat trip, bring a change of clothes in some waterproof bag. It is normal for you to be completely wet with the droplets from the falls.
  2. Foz do Iguaçu resorts have thermal pools, even on colder days.
  3. Winter is ideal for drinking good wines in Argentina. In the tri-national region, there are also excellent choices of broth and soup menus. Another tip to warm you up are the coffee shops, tea houses and chimarrão.
  4. In late winter and early spring, you will be dazzled by the flowering Trumpet Trees (in Brazil, known as Ipê, and in Argentina and Paraguay, known as Lapacho), tree that is symbol of the three cities of Destiny Iguassu.
  5. Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) are very well served with ice cream and açai (typical Brazilian ice cream, fruit of palm). You will be in paradise to cool off on warmer days. The "Sabores do Iguaçu"(Iguassu Flavors on free translation) popsicles are made with fruits typical of our biome, the Atlantic Forest (be sure to try them! You will find these popsicles at Oficina do Sorvete, Parque das Aves, Marco das Três Fronteiras, Marias e Maria, Macuco Safari and Wax Museum). Is also the tereré (typical drink of Paraguay).