Visit Iguassu was created in 2007 to help promote the Destination Iguassu 

The term Destination Iguassu means the region of the Brazilian city Foz do Iguaçu, as well as the partner cities of the trinational region: Puerto Iguazú, in Argentina, and Ciudad del Este, Presidente Franco and Hernandarias, in Paraguay. Visit Iguassu is maintained by the private initiative through associated members. Member enterprises offer the best options for hosting, shopping, dining and tourist attractions.

To fulfill Destination Iguassu's mission of promotion and marketing, Visit Iguassu was organized into five departments that work together to develop its mission: the Department of Events or Convention; Visitors; Relationship; Communication and Administrative-Financial. Let's briefly understand what each of those departments does.


The Convention team is dedicated to prospecting or searching for events such as congresses, conferences, seminars and fairs. The department also works to host, organize, conduct and support events in Foz do Iguaçu. Those who have organized or brought events to Foz do Iguaçu can be invited to join the Iguassu Ambassadors program launched this year.


This department deals with the marketing and promotion of Destination Iguassu with the goal of increasing the flow of regional, national and international visitors who come to the region for leisure. In addition to attracting more leisure visitors, it also works to increase the number of nights those visitors spend in the city. It is the department that coordinates the participation in national and international fairs, special actions such as organization and reception of famtours for agents, operators and specialized press, trade missions and training for agents and operators from Brazil and abroad.


The Relationship Department is very important to serve maintainers and associated companies. It provides members with information about the entity's work through specific actions, missions and opportunities. It also provides Visit Iguassu’s members with tools that are aligned with their interests and projects, with a focus on generating business, increasing the flow of visitors, whether they are leisure visitors, corporate visitors and those who mix both Business and Leisure, who are already recognized as a new audience under the name “bleisure”. The typical “bleisure” client is one that combines business and leisure travel.


Its goal is to disseminate to the different audiences the actions and activities of the Visit Iguassu Institute through traditional means of communication, social networks, and specific direct channels with the associates. The production of material is directed to at least three large audiences: i) in-house, made up of individuals and companies associated with the Institute, ii) tourism and hospitality media and iii) local, national and international media.


This department performs activities necessary for the maintenance of the entity's operation, as well as payments and contracts, thus it enables the actions.