Council elected today takes office in January 2020


In the Assembly meeting this morning, office occupants (Board of Directors, Deliberative Council and Fiscal Council) were elected for the management of Visit Iguassu – Iguaçu Tourism Promotion Institute, for the period 2020-2021. Representatives of Visit Iguassu associate companies presented as candidates in a single list named “Integration”. Felipe Gonzalez assumes the position of President and Jaime Mendes, of Vice-President.

According to Gonzalez, one of the main efforts of the new administration will be to strengthen the integration and unity of business and Destination Iguassu institutions: “We will work in the context of Integrated Management, bringing together people, expertise, institutions and resources to work for the Destination and always in favor of majority thinking”. He added: “The institutions, with their membership, are the largest entrepreneurial force in the Destination, with the largest number of investments, job creation and tax payments.”

Jaime Nascimento, current President of Visit Iguassu, congratulated the elected Councils and highlighted one of the deliveries completed in the last two years. “One of the great highlights of this administration is the “Vision Iguassu” Project, a partnership between Itaipu and Visit Iguassu that involved a major mobilization of all tourism entities in Foz, Puerto Iguazu and Ciudad del Este. From this work, we had a fantastic product, a long-term plan that needs to be continued for the Destination to be increasingly recognized.”

Representatives of Destination Iguassu institutions endorsed the importance of team work. Comtur President Carlos Silva emphasized that “by bringing together the budgets of the Secretariat of Tourism, the Iguaçu Fund, Visit Iguassu and the local businessmen, in the context of Integrated Tourism Management, we can claim much more for our Destination and have a greater return”. Enio Eidt, President of the Iguaçu Fund, emphasized that “the Iguaçu Fund will be with Visit Iguassu and the Integrated Management. We will all seek to use our energies synergistically to develop our Destination.”


Elected Board of Directors and Management Councils 2020/2021


President: Felipe Santiago Gonzalez (Cassino Tour)

Vice-president: Jaime Mendes (Del Rey Quality Hotel)

Financial Director: Marcondeivi de Souza (Hotel Continental 4Soul)

Administrative Director: Luiza Porto Andrade (Vivaz Cataratas)

Director of Events: Adélio Demeterko (Cataratas S.A)

Director of Visitors: Giovani Rafagnin (Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention Center)

Director of Relationship: Eduy Azevedo (Mabu Thermas Grand Resort)


Deliberative Council

Guilherme de Jesus Paulus (Wish Resort Golf Convention)

Luís Fernando Macedo (Bourbon Cataratas Resort)

Adriano dos Santos (Macuco Safari)

Jurema Fernandes (Parque das Aves)

Luiza Zenatti Fardanelli (Quinta da Oliva)

Enio Eidt (Convênio Tur)

Carlos Silva (Foz Plaza Hotel)


Fiscal Board

Osvaldo Salas (San Martin Resort & Spa)

Nilton Pedro Rafagnin (Capitão Bar)

Yuri Benites (Parque Tecnológico Itaipu/Turismo Itaipu)

Lindenor José Cavalheiro (Cataratas JL Shopping)


In addition to the election, the Assembly approved the work plan and budget for the next year.